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An innovative urban cycle company setting new benchmarks in bike technology, whilst being driven by creating a more secure environment for city users. Approaching the cycle industry with a brand-first mind set meant entering mainly untested waters, bringing design and innovation from industry into the digital landscape.

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Differentiating vision from its competitors

In an industry where it's easy to use stock visuals, experiences often fall into a sensory overload when conveying the brand's innovative USP's of lasers and indicators. It's digital form needed to live up to expectations.

Design & Development

Often working late to meet our client’s expectations, we uncovered important beliefs the website required in presentation, utilising transitions and effects to compliment the brand's values.

Aspire Knight Agency

Product Design & Development

Not content in delivering a beautifully constructed CMS web development and digital UX/UI solutions. We took responsibility for product design and development right through to crowd funding and manufacture.

A cross device solution

There was a clear need to engage the user, educate them with key information through mobile and tablet, whilst not falling into the trap of content overload. We were able to expose the brands story and attract key interest for investment.

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