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Laundry and dry cleaning service provider that solves the chores of cleaning clothes with a single click. Our remit was to disrupt the market and offer convenient and affordable services through an intuitive digital journey on web, iOS and Andiod platforms.
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Delivering to exceed expectations

The starting point was to create a brand, bespoke web and mobile apps, as the relationship grew stronger, crowd funding was achieved of up to £200k, we now provide technical support and marketing services and continue to grow with the client.

Advanced Integrations

The UI/UX created was approachable, providing a whole host of features from driver tracking, updates, SMS alerts, discounting and detailed preferences for the user.

Accessibility and Functionality

The platform needed to work seamlessly with multiple sectors, disrupt the competition and work with many third party service providers, providing security, transparency and functionality for the user.

Disrupt or be disrupted

The partnership has seen exponential growth for our client, with increased sales and coverage growing year in year out. With innovative management and marketing strategies our application was featured on mainstream national news platforms and also an LCN awards finalist.

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